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Halloween - create you own candle kit 🎃

Ashes to ashes, create your own candle - a captivating concept that invites you to breathe life into a unique, personalized candle infused with the mystique of the graveyard. This is no ordinary candle, but rather a vessel imbued with the energy of the departed, the very dust of the grave mingling with your chosen signature scent to create an evocative and immersive sensory experience. But this is more than just a novelty - it is an opportunity to take control, to craft your own KC candle that can be refilled and rekindled, a constant companion that burns with your own distinct aroma. In doing so, you become the alchemist, transforming the remnants of the past into a vibrant, living flame that illuminates the present and casts an alluring glow into the unknown future. It is a ritual of reclamation, a way to harness the power of the grave and forge your own path, one fragrant, flickering step at a time.


Kit includes:

Signature Vessel

250g Scented Graveyard Dust wax (small box)

4 Wicks

Signature range sticker

Warning Label

Ashes to Ashes - Halloween edition kit

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