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Car Diffuser Refills (3 refills)

Car Diffuser Refills (3 refills)

You've been asking, were now delivering!Introducing the enticipated car diffuser refills!Each bottle is made with glass with a droplet for easy usage.

Simply open your diffuser up and drop 10ml of refill into your silver top car diffuser.

Once bottle is empty, simply recycle the bottle or wash and reuse for your own purpose.

Each refill bottle will give you an added 3 usages, bringing you enough to last almost a whole year!

By purchasing these refills, you understand that KC Alchemy recommends these to be used only in our silver top car diffusers and not the skull car diffuser.

The Silver top car diffuser has a stronger lid which can withhold for a longer period of time compared to the skull design.

These can last longer then a year if used correctly.

The Skull car diffuser can weaken over time, which is why we recommend to only use it as a one time purchase. The Cork itself can become dry and crack after a long period of time, therefore falling off onto your dash and potentially causing damage.

By Purchasing this item, you are aware of these conditions and understand KC Alchemys recommendation.

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